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Welspun India Ltd.

BTT / 2017
From The Metropolitana and other subjects

            Botto curated an expansive range of soft goods collections for Welspun's domestic brand Spaces, infusing them with a captivating blend of modern bohemian aesthetics and metropolitan sophistication. From lavish bedding ensembles to intricately patterned rugs, elegant table linens, and statement-making curtains, every element exuded an air of contemporary allure. Botto's visionary touch transformed each item into a testament of refined style, elevating living spaces with an artistic fusion of bohemian and metropolitan influences. The comprehensive range of soft goods, epitomised the perfect balance between modernity, creativity, and functionality, and solidifying Spaces' position as a leader in the world of home fashion.

Botto's design prowess came to life in comprehensive soft goods collections, exuding a modern bohemian and metropolitan aesthetic. From bedding to rugs, table linens to curtains, every piece harmoniously embodied a contemporary allure, captivating the senses and transforming spaces with undeniable style.