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Crafts of Uttarakhand


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Crafts of Uttarakhand

BTT / 2017
From The Bucolic futures

In honour of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the State of Uttarakhand, the government choose to commemorate this milestone by celebrating the talented craftspeople of the region through a special publication. This publication would serve not only as a tribute but also as a comprehensive directory, encompassing a wide range of crafts, the abundant natural resources available, and the individuals dedicated to these artistic professions.

To bring this vision to life, the esteemed Chitku design studio was entrusted with the creation and design of the publication. Their expertise in crafting visually captivating and impactful materials made them the perfect choice for this endeavour. Botto and other professionals, were brought on board to contribute their vast knowledge through research and knowledge of crafts and techniques and insights to the project.

Embarking on an extraordinary journey, we ventured into the remote rural corners of Uttarakhand. This rare opportunity allowed us to intimately interact with and document the exceptional craftspeople who played a significant role in fostering local circular economies. The artisans not only displayed remarkable skill and artistry but also demonstrated a deep commitment to sustainable and climate-friendly practices that harmoniously engaged with their natural surroundings.

Throughout our travels, the team encountered a diverse array of crafts, each with its unique story and cultural significance. We witnessed the creation of exquisite handloom textiles, intricate wood carvings, traditional pottery, and various other traditional crafts that had been passed down through generations. The craftspersons's dedication to their craft and their communities was evident in the meticulous attention to detail and the pride they took in their heritage.

By meticulously documenting the craftspeople and their creations, the publication aimed to shed light on their invaluable contributions to the cultural and economic fabric of Uttarakhand. It sought to promote awareness and appreciation for their work, while also encouraging sustainable practices that would ensure the preservation of the crafts for multi generations.

The resulting publication became a treasure trove of knowledge, showcasing the rich diversity of crafts, natural resources, and the extraordinary individuals involved in their preservation. It served as a testament to the profound impact of craftsmanship on both local communities and the environment.

Through its pages, readers will be transported into the world of these artisans, gaining a deep understanding of their profound connection to their craft, their communities, and the natural beauty that surrounded them.