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BTT / Ongoing
From The Pliable Oxidation

The commission started as an exciting opportunity to embark on a creative endeavour : the creation of a mouldable textile that would preserve the cozy and inviting aesthetics reminiscent of a handwoven fabric.

The challenge lay in finding the perfect combination of materials to achieve this vision. After experimentation and careful consideration, a combination of cotton yarn, known for its softness and versatility, were woven together with copper wire of different gauges, known for its durability, pliability and distinct metallic sheen.

Botto embarked on the intricate process, meticulously intertwining the cotton with the metal to create a harmonious fusion of textures and coppers. The deliberate choice of black cotton added a touch of elegance and timelessness to the overall design, while the copper introduced a playful and unexpected element. This unique combination resulted in a textile that not only exuded warmth and charm but also possessed a delightful tactile quality.

The culmination of the efforts was a striking floor carpet, a masterpiece of craftsmanship and ingenuity. Eventually, it was more than just a carpet; it transcended its functional purpose and took on the form of an art installation. Its mouldable nature invited playful exploration, allowing individuals to reshape and rearrange it according to their creative instincts, transforming the space it occupied into a dynamic and ever-changing environment.

The carpet / installation became a focal point of admiration, captivating all who encountered it. It seamlessly blended into various settings, whether in a cozy living room, a contemporary art gallery, or a vibrant office space. Its ability to adapt and transform made it a versatile piece, inviting engagement and sparking conversations. The commission's successfully achieved the objective of creating a textile that encapsulated the warm aesthetics of a handwoven fabric while embracing the imaginative possibilities of contemporary design.