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From  The silence of Tactile spaces

Quicksand studio, for their new office space situated within a cultural centre in New Delhi, enlisted the expertise of Botto to create tapestry installations. The objective was to infuse the installations with a handcrafted essence, serving both as space dividers and as vibrant bursts of colour within the otherwise subtle environment. It was crucial for the pieces to seamlessly integrate into the overall aesthetic of the space.

Botto embarked on the task, interlacing together three exquisite handwoven textile pieces. Each piece was thoughtfully designed to evoke a sense of artistry and uniqueness, aligning with the desired handmade aesthetic.

The carefully selected colours served as a visual symphony, injecting energy and vibrancy into the surrounding space. The sparks of colour acted as focal points, drawing attention and creating a dynamic atmosphere. At the same time, the installations were seamlessly integrated into the overall look and ambience of the office, harmonising with the existing decor and architectural elements.

As the installations took their places within the office, they fulfilled their intended purpose as functional space dividers, effectively delineating areas while adding a touch of creativity and warmth. Their handcrafted charm created an inviting and inspiring environment for the Quicksand studio team and visitors alike, fostering a sense of creativity and artistic expression.

The collaboration between the two studios, resulted in a tapestries that not only met the desired objectives but also exceeded expectations. The fusion of handwoven artistry, vibrant colours, and seamless integration into the space brought a unique character to the office environment. It served as a testament to the power of design and craftsmanship to transform spaces, elevating the overall experience and inspiring creativity in the hearts of all who encountered it.