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BTT / 2010
From From Waste to Woven Gold

Nestled within a vast hangar, countless tons of abandoned cotton fibres lay in wait, their potential untapped. Spun evolved, aiming to upcycle this resource sustainably.

Developed for Welspun, an assembly of skilled artisans and specialists in spinning, dyeing, weaving, paper making and more joined forces, combining their expertise and creativity. Their collective mission: to craft hand-tufted rugs from factory cotton waste that transmuted to valued utility.

In this transformative journey, hand spinners, transformed the discarded cotton fibres into usable yarns, while the dyers infused vibrant hues into these newly spun strands.

The weavers patiently orchestrated the delicate dance between warp and weft, as they brought the discarded to life. Their nimble fingers manipulated the looms, interlacing the transformed cotton threads with precision and care, creating novel patterns and textures.

With each rug tufted, the makers wove a narrative that permeated their consciousness, by showcasing the power of artistry and resourcefulness, beckoning them to reimagine their role in shaping a sustainable future.

Spun was more than just the sum of its parts; the impact extended far beyond the hangar's walls—it resonated with a broader movement, inspiring the company to further explore sustainable practices and reimagine the potential of discarded materials.