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BTT / 2009
From A Calico Story

With every brushstroke and every splash of colour, Botto embarked on a creative journey, blending timeless charm of Chintz and Calicos with a fresh and modern allure. The patterns became an embodiment of the limitless possibilities of artistic expression, as they stretched and adapted to adorn surfaces beyond their traditional domain.

The transformation was particularly enchanting on Pottery. As these vibrant prints embraced the ceramic canvases, the clay vessels transformed into masterpieces, bearing the imprints of nature's marvels and the whimsical dance of contemporary design. From delicate floral motifs to geometric wonders, the patterns entwined and wrapped themselves around the ceramic surfaces, breathing life into the once plain clay. The magic not stopping there, the reimagined prints with their twist of colours found their way into the world of textiles, upholstery, and other surfaces.

In this grand tapestry of creativity, the Chintz and Calicos unveiled their transformative power. With each stroke of design, they brought joy, vibrancy, and a fresh breath of artistic innovation to the world around them. Whether adorning pottery, textiles, or other surfaces, these modern prints infused every aspect of life with a touch of whimsy and an explosion of colours, inviting all to celebrate the magic of collaborative reinvention.