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Petal Home

BTT / 2018
From The Crafted Inspirations and Other Extracts

Botto embarked on a remarkable journey by crafting the lauch collection for Petal Home's exquisite bedding line. Drawing inspiration from the enchanting realm of Indian craft techniques such as Kolam, Madhubani, Patachitra, as well as the timeless elegance of art deco architecture, Botto seamlessly melded these diverse influences into a symphony of design. Each bedding piece became a canvas where the intricate patterns of Kolam danced with the vibrant motifs of Madhubani and Patachitra, while the sleek lines of art deco architecture added a touch of modern sophistication. 

The result was a mesmerising collection that effortlessly blended cultural heritage and contemporary allure, inviting individuals to experience the essence of artistry and comfort within their own sanctuary. Petal Home's launch collection, epitomised the harmonious marriage of tradition and innovation, captivating the hearts of those who sought both style and cultural significance in their home decor choices.