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BTT / 2017
From The Bridges of Bombay

As the imaginative minds behind this sartorial endeavour envisioned the t-shirts as more than mere pieces of cloth stitched together; they were gateways to a realm where the magic of nature intertwined with the comfort of our everyday lives. Inspired by the wonders of underwater and aboveground flora, and adorned with the most delicate hues that whispered secrets of the natural world.

The collection sought to harmonise an everyday garment with our enchanting environment while paying homage to the resplendent spectrum of the botanical kingdom. The designs embodied the spirit of aquatic wonders, celebrating the ethereal beauty of coral reefs and the mesmerising dance of sea anemones. Gentle hues and intricate patterns evoked the majesty of blooming flowers, as if each shirt held a fragment of a secret garden, visible to those with a discerning eye.

For the wearer, a subtle transformation took place. They became emissaries of the natural world, walking among the bustling city streets with a whisper of tranquility.