Tambourine Designs 

Mongolian patchworks, Persian Rugs, Afircan Beaded jewelry, Botanical drawings, Indian kanthas were some of the cultural visual libraries we explored for this Mumbai based studio devoted to pattern and style.

The patterns extended themselves onto resort wear like kaftans, tunics, flowy dresses and swim wear.

Tamb vert 59
Tamb vert 55
Tamb vert 56
Tambo 7.2.3

An artwork was created and expanded to coordinated unique and unconventional patterns. The medley of patterns would be patch work collaged and overlaid with embriodery on a garment silhouette.

Tamb 5
Tamb 36
Tambo 6.1

The secondary patterns derived from it to add depth and detail to each collection of prints. Being fashionably know for its play with colour, we delved into scouting quirky colour palettes befitting the brand. 

Tamb 48
Tamb 37
Tambo 8.4

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