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Spaces is a home textiles brand, focused on bed, bath and soft home goods.

There are visual sub brand in Spaces, one of them being Boho Chic. It focuses on a metropolitain modern graphic look. The brief was to develop story ideas for this style, extending to bedding, duvet, cushions, curtains, bath product and table linen. 

Bed Asimov1.1
Pillows 1.1
Layout gunta 4
Layout Checkers 8
Layout Checkers 10

The customer base is diverse and is given a myraid of generic options to choose from - geometrics, linears, graphic patterns, plaids, etc. with colour options to fit into any home with ease. The product is also defined by the fabric and count used which defines the cost of the product. 

Pillow head2.1
Bed metroman3.1
Pillows 1.2

The Spaces brand has formidable potential within the printed arena to toy with and design for bedding has a gamut of possibilties when the fabric is treated as a canvas. Patterns can be set to repeat or given the possibilities of digital printing a layouted design can be created, which was explored and developed.

Bed universe1.1

Each product designed had to serve as a stand alone product too and had to have its unique identity within the collection. The collections were designed to be coherent with each other and give the buyer the option of choosing for themselves. 

Layout chevy 3
Layout Asimov 1
Layout chevy 4
Bed metroman4.1

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