Sho Sha

 The ShoSha brand embodies unique stories and as the word pronouces 'drama'.

Indian Chintz stories were studied as a story to launch the Sho-Sha brand.

Using motifs and forms from the vast repertoire of chintz, we played with simple repeat pattern, infusing each with a makers signature making them exclusive. 

The patterns served as the base to develop the product. They were adapted on ceramics, clothing, upholstry, wall textures, etc.  

Sho sha ikat 3.1
Sho sha linear 5.1
Sho sha fuzzy 3.1
E fuzzy 01 colour03a
Sho sha ikat 5.1
Sho sha fuzzy 1.1
G flower ikat 01

We dove into the V&A's chintz collection, and its glorious trajectory from wall hangings to fashion to explore this printed and painted objects story

Sho sha lotus 3.1
Sho sha lotus 1.1
Sho sha ikat 1.1
Sho sha linear 3.1

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