Lali Kids

The collaboration with 'Lali (little darling) Kids' was a playful one.       

Patterns and embroideries were drawn and sampled for the Spring and Autumn seasons. We frolicked within the themes of 'a day at the beach', 'forest sunshine', 'circus life', 'Summertide', 'Winters dream', etc.

Lali AW16 1.5
Lali AW16 1.7

The theme word and feel of the season came first, sihouettes after, followed by drawings for pattern and embroidery layouts along with choosing woven and textured fabric. Many long conversations over the relevant tint of colour marked every season.

Lali AW17 1.4
Lali AW17 1.3
Lali AW17 1.8
Lali SS17 1.1
Lali 1.1
Lali SS15 1.14
Lali SS16 1.10
Lali SS16 1.11
Lali SS16 1.16

Lali is an American childrens brand with Indian roots. It serves delightfully the happy age group of 2-8 years. The clothing is available in boutiques in the USA and beautiful Anthropologie. 

Lali SS18 1.1
Lali SS18 1.4
Lali SS17 1.14
Lali SS15 1.6

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